The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) is disturbed and shocked by the attack of a teacher by two students in a video that is making rounds on the social networks this week. The behaviour of the students is not acceptable. This incident occurred in school grounds in broad day light.

It is reported that the assault started after the teacher confiscated a cell phone of one of the students when she was playing music in class. The teacher had every right to exercise that in class. Reports are that, the two girls waited for the teacher after school and started beating and kicking her. The behaviour of these students cannot be justified in anyway.

We have been noticing the continuing disrespect and humiliation of teachers by students for a very long time. Measures must be taken to put an end to this.
In another video, young boys are seen touching in an inappropriate manner a young girl who somehow looks intoxicated with drugs. The boys are forcing themselves on the girl while trying to penetrate her.

This is such a horrible scene to watch. We cannot fold arms while things are going on like this. What is the role of the governing body at our schools? Why our schools have turned into warzone?

Even young girls have turned to be aggressive. What kind of future generation will this country have?

Teachers are also living in fear while in classrooms. They are not protected at all; hence the quality of education is getting weaker and weaker by day. How do we expect them to excel in their job while our children are a threat to them?
Our education system is a disaster and swift action needs to be taken before things turn even more out of hand.

Our schools have turned from being a place of safety for both teachers and pupils to be a battlefield.

The Department of Education, parents and all those involved must come together to have a solution on the crisis that has plagued our schools.

UDEMWO condemns the attack.

Issued by:
Thandi Nontenja
UDEMWO Secretary General