Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP UDM President

Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
UDM President

We are all aware that there will be a commission of inquiry which shall investigate the mess at the Public Investment Corporation (PIC). Despite the announcement, we have for several months waited with bated breath to hear who will serve on the commission and what the terms of reference will be.

We, in today’s Mail and Guardian, read that PIC chief executive officer Dr Daniel Matjila has approached the President with a view to exit through the back door with a golden handshake. This is preposterous and is tantamount to the police giving the get-away car’s key to a bank robber.

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) rejects this notion outright. Matjila should be suspended immediately and be made to explain himself to a commission of inquiry. Most importantly, he, and the current board, should face the music and pay the price should they be guilty of wrong-doing.

There seems to be scurrying about in the corridors of power to say a quick farewell to Matjila before he spills the beans. It’s not only several prominent families and powerful individuals who might have their hands caught in the cookie jar, but possibly a few political parties. We have certainly heard Zonkizizwe Investments being mentioned, which we all know is an ANC enterprise. Bizarrely, we have even heard how Matjila’s alleged girlfriend benefited from PIC cash.

It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth when you chew on the fact that Finance Minister Nene, who once served as PIC board chairperson, now must drive the process of putting a commission together. This might shed some light on why it’s taking so long to get the commission off the ground.

I will be interviewed today by Advocate Budlender SC and his team of forensic auditors to give guidance on how the UDM would see this matter pan out.

The commission should establish which methods and schemes were used to syphon money from the PIC and make recommendations on how to prevent this kind of crime in future. This is exactly why Matjila should not be allowed the easy way out; he certainly has much explaining to do.