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Budget Vote 11: Public Enterprises

Address by UDM Deputy Secretary General, Mr Nqabayomzi Kwankwa, MP at Committee Room E249 Chairperson, Honourable Minister and Deputy Minister, Honourable Members, For many years, South Africa’s economic growth potential has been shackled by a lack of properly planned infrastructure investment. This resulted in immense disparities in the quality of the infrastructure between rural and urban communities. The poor and rural communities have to make do with inadequate and poor quality infrastructure, which confines them [...]

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Public Enterprises Policy Proposals

1. Introduction The UDM will rapidly turn around the ANC government’s poor performance of infrastructure creation, especially via the development of a restructuring of public enterprises programme, which is beneficial to all South Africans. Such a programme will accelerate the creation of infrastructure whilst attracting investments, providing jobs, and enhancing local ownership. The indecisive, confusing and time-delayed approach of the government on restructuring of public enterprises should be condemned. It creates the impression of a [...]

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Economic Policy Position

1.       Why the new South Africa needs a new economic plan The South African economy fails to deliver what is expected of it. It is acknowledged that certain fundamentals are in place, but it is equally true that the urgently required jobs and economic growth are not materialising. Since 1994 hundreds of thousands of jobs have been destroyed and formal employment shrinks at an alarming rate. These are the signs of an economy held afloat [...]

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