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Question to the President: Nkandla saga

Question to the President: Nkandla saga by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP and UDM President Honourable Speaker Mr President and Mr Deputy President, Ministers and Deputy Ministers Honourable Members Mr President, in the context of your report to the Speaker of the National Assembly, your posture, your claim of innocence and your commitment to correcting any [...]

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Nkandla: President Zuma no longer has the moral authority to lead – it’s time to go

The scathing report of the Public Protector on the so-called Nkandla “upgrades” probably marks one of the darkest moments in the history our country since the advent of democracy in 1994. The findings that President Zuma has once again violated the Executive Members Ethics Code through his failure to act in protection of state resources, [...]

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2014 – An opportunity for change

by Mr Bantu Holomisa This past year has shown evidence that our Nation is on a slippery slope to becoming a third class nation with its citizens relegated to poverty and struggle. 2013 was littered by far too many corruption scandals, miscarriages of justice and a government that seems hell bent on staying this course. [...]

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