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Debate on Budget Vote 24 – Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Address by Mr ML Filtane, MP  in Parliament   Honourable Speaker and members   The United Democratic Movement (UDM), supports the budget vote with the following comments. Although the Department manages 64 000 hectors of category B and C of plantations, there is no budget for the revitalisation of these plantations through which process, jobs could have been created. In the meantime there is a huge national demand for sawlog timber. South Africa could soon [...]

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Budget Vote 2 – Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MTEF 2014)

Contribution made by UDM Member of Parliament, Mr ML Filtane, in the National Assembly Honourable Chairperson Minister and Deputy Minister Honourable Members The United Democratic Movement (UDM) makes the following contribution to this important debate and subject. In the previous term the department achieved very little in so far as its core business is concerned. We are talking about the business of, amongst others. • Ensuring food security for all the citizens of the country [...]

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UDM Integration Approach (policy)

Foreword On September 27, 1997, the United Democratic Movement was officially launched.  Since that time, we have travelled across South Africa – giving speeches, holding rallies, and most importantly, meeting with thousands of South Africans, from the rural villages of Mpumalanga to the boardrooms of Gauteng.  We have spent countless hours listening to their daily concerns and discussing their aspirations for the future – for themselves, for their families, and for South Africa.  During those [...]

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