statement by National Spokesperson

Mr. Mbulelo Lokwe, who was a National Organiser for the ANC since 1993 and who during the 1994 elections served under Steve Tshwete, resigned from the ANC and joined the United Democratic Movement. Mbulelo, who joined the ANC as a member in 1964 and was part of the underground movement before he became a National Organiser in 1993 under Steve Tshwete. During his period as serving as official in Shell House, he was responsible for the implementation of policies, membership and political education during the period to the run-up to the 1994 elections up to 1996.

Mbulelo said that he was fed up with the ANC’s approach of favouratism, not only within the organisation, but also as it is clearly reflected in the way they run the country. He joins the UDM because the policies of the UDM appeals to him, he has confidence in the integrity and ability of the leadership and the UDM is a clear reflection of the total population of South Africa – that Rainbow that the ANC fails to establish.

Mbulelo will immediately get actively involved in the UDM and will work as a volunteer in the National Office assisting with organisation.