statement issued by NMP Media Manager

Representatives of the provincial co-ordinating structures and the national office of the New Movement Process met in Bloemfontein yesterday for a national preparatory conference to report back on the country-wide consultation process and to prepare for the launch of the new party on September 27, 1997.

The conference marked the end of the three month long consultation process where ideas and inputs from thousands of South Africans were garnered in order to inform on the need for a new political party, and the points of departure, policy framework and vision and mission of such a party. A report back on these was done by the provincial representatives and summarised by Roelf Meyer.

In preparation for the national launch on 27 September, the following resolutions were unanomously and enthusiastically adopted by the conference:

  • To support the establishment of a new political party on 27 September 1997, jointly with the National Consultative Forum, with a view to assuming the responsibility of governing the Republic of South Africa at the earliest opportunity.
  • To mandate the leader of the New Movement Process (NMP), Mr Roelf Meyer, to lead the NMP into the formation of the new party on 27 September 1997.
  • To nominate Mr Roelf Meyer and Gen Bantu Holomisa to jointly lead the new party until its first full congress, which is to be held not later than 30 June, 1998.
  • To mandate the joint leadership to decide on the name, symbols and colours of the new party.

That any political party wishing to join the new party on 27 September 1997, should disband beforehand. Their members can then join the new party as individuals.

The leader of the National Consultative Forum, Gen Bantu Holomisa, joined the conference with a message from the NCF, which was received with acclaim. The entire conference expressed its extreme excitement and enthusiasm for the launching of the new party: Throughout South Africa there is a spirit of anticipation for a realignment in politics, which is also one of the main objectives for launching the new party.