statement by Media and Marketing Director

During 1997 the UDM made a start in restructuring South African politics away from the racial mould it has been stuck in. In 1998, the UDM aims to intensify its reaching out to all South Africans.

The UDM believes that the end of the road for exclusive white or black politics in South Africa has been reached. South Africans are tired of being pigeonholed into racial categories. As a party for all South Africans, we aim at providing a political home to all our citizens.

The two leaders of the UDM, Bantu Holomisa and Roelf Meyer, leave today for a 10-day visit to the United States. The purpose is to introduce the UDM as a political party to the White House staff, representatives of Congress, business people and members of the media. Reaction on requests by the UDM for interviews and discussions was extremely positive, and 27 appointments with leading opinion formers have been made.

It seems as if Americans are specifically interested in the South African brand of black/white relations, with emphasis on the cooperation that the UDM stands for.