To: Leaders of Political Parties

From: Bantu Holomisa (Chairperson of the Multi-Party Forum and UDM President)



Dear Colleagues

We have already heard reports about transgressions and other misdeeds of some party agents and officials of the Independent Electoral Commission.

We must now, more than ever, be vigilant and have our party agents work as a collective to ensure that the election at each voting station is held to the highest standards. We too have a responsibility to ensure that no aspersions can be cast on the validity of the results and that Elections 2014 were indeed free and fair.

Amongst other, we should specifically be heedful of the following, that:

  • Party agents stand firmly on their rights to observe every aspect of the voting process.
  • Once it arrives at voting stations, election material has not been tampered with.
  • Ballot booklets (and therefore ballot papers) should be checked before voting starts. Once voting stations close and ballots are counted, the number of used ballots (valid and spoilt) and unused ballots should tally with the original count.
  • Ballot boxes are assembled in front of party agents and are sealed once full.
  • The ink at each voting station is truly indelible and cannot be removed – it will be important that each new applicator is checked.
  • Voters who enter the voting station do not already have ink on any of their fingers.

It is in our interest to ensure that we safeguard our democracy by satisfying ourselves that each step in the voting process is monitored and that no untoward influence is exerted in any fashion.

Good luck to you all

Bantu Holomisa
UDM President
Chairperson: Multi-Party Forum