Statement issued by UDM President Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) welcomes the Western Cape High Court ruling in favour of the case brought against Government by Earthlife Africa Johannesburg and the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute.

This ruling is a good lesson for Government to understand and accept that accountability and transparency are non-negotiable Constitutional dictates. Government must stop trying to sneak such deals without the knowledge of the people.

The ruling is also in favour of the millions of citizens who would have had to service this long-term debt for a deal that could have bankrupted the national fiscus. South Africa’s economy has already been downgraded to junk status and therefore would not have been able to raise external funds without punishing the poorest of the poor.

The UDM warns Government leaders to stop placing their personal interests and that of their party ahead of the people of South Africa.