Statement  by UDM Interim National Management Committee of the UDM

The Interim National Management Committee of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) met for the first time yesterday, after the launch of the party on 27 September 1997.

At the meeting, a number of issues were discussed. Provinces reported back on progress made during the first month in business, the positive state of the membership drive and progress made in establishing branches of the UDM. This wide report indicated positively on the fact that the UDM is already – after being in operation for just a month now – functioning as a party on the national level.

Management positions were also approved for the UDM’s National Office. These appointments are: Director: Management Services Annelizé van Wyk; Treasurer Takis Christodoulou; Director: Research Joel Mafenya; Director: Policy Development Maritz Spaarwater; Director: Provincial Organisation & Development Kobus du Plessis.

The UDM furthermore strategised around several important political issues. The ongoing violence in KwaZulu-Natal received special attention. The UDM finds this continuous violence totally unacceptable and considers it a serious threat to the process of democracy. The UDM leadership will consider visiting some of these hot spots on a fact-finding mission. Serious concern was raised by the Committee on the apparent lack of ability or will of the government to normalise the situation.