statement by National Deputy-Secretary

The UDM’s performance in the by-election in the Western Cape is a confirmation of the fact that there is growing support for the efforts of the UDM to unite the people of South Africa. A month after the launch of the UDM the party drew 15% of the support in a by-election. This in itself was quite significant. Seven months later the UDM defeats the National Party in the heart of its traditional stronghold.

Contrary to the misinformation spread by other political parties this result clearly indicates that the UDM’s support is more wide spread than the Eastern Cape and some support in Gauteng. This result confirms the UDM’s own assessment of growing support and makes a mockery of statements by other political leaders and some political commentators about our support. The UDM with this significant result sends out a clear message that it is a serious contender for the 1999 elections and that it is represents all the people of South Africa. This result will further contribute to the establishment of a viable and credible opposition to the ANC. The UDM is the only party that can draw support from the ANC and break the hold of the ANC.