statement by National Deputy-Secretary

The call by the Mpumalanga Legislature to National Government for assistance in recovering the estimated R1.1 million embezzled by the ANC former deputy speaker in the legislature is not only absurd, but also ridiculous.

As if it is not bad enough that corrupt ANC office bearers steal money which in the end is taxpayers money, now the ANC expects of the taxpayer to refund them for their own people’s corruption! Surely, the ANC understands, even in the Mpumalanga Legislature, that the money they are now requesting from the National Legislature is not money falling from the sky or printed on request by the Reserve Bank. Even they should realise that that money is actually hard earned honestly deserved and paid, as taxes, money belonging to the citizens of South Africa.

The citizens pay these taxes and expect government to use this to efficiently run the country, provide services and not to enrich themselves. To expect the taxpayer now to pay the penalty for ANC corruption is both absurd and ridiculous. What will be next? A special tax levy to try to get back those funds that were lost with the Sarafina debacle?