by Bantu Holomisa in the National Assembly

Honourable Deputy-Chairperson

Honourable Deputy President

Honourable Ministers and Deputy-Ministers Honourable Members

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) endorses the motion of no confidence in the current Speaker, Baleka Mbete, on grounds already presented in this house.

Before she was elected into office, the Speaker is on record distorting and attacking outcomes of the Public Protector’s investigations on Nkandla. This distortion and attack has since been sustained by the organisation she presides over as its National Chairperson. In this regard, her objectivity on the work of the parliamentary committee considering this matter is highly questionable and may compromise the independence of this house.

Irrespective of the outcome of this process, today, surely we can all agree that there is a great and urgent need to evaluate whether parliament has been discharging its mandate over the last 20 years in accordance with the principles of inclusive participatory democracy. Where so required, make such necessary changes to give effect to a democratically managed people’s parliament.

Accordingly, the UDM will write to the Ethics Committee of this house to cause the current speaker to explain her alleged involvement and role in the Goldfields saga.

In the same vein, we will seek to get clarity on whether the current speaker is remunerated in accordance with the package she got when she resigned as the Deputy President of the Republic or whether in addition to the package granted, she further enjoys speaker’s package.


I thank you