Marikana Commemoration 2018

• Programme Director
• The families of the victims of the Marikana Massacre
• Ladies and Gentlemen

1. Opening

Thank you for allowing me to share in this occasion, the commemoration of the Marikana Massacre.

We must always remember what happened on this awful day six years ago, so that it may never be repeated.

2. No consequences for criminals

We live in a country where there are no consequences for breaking the law. Worst still when it is our very own government that is doing so.

It is frustrating that there are no consequences for those who steal; there are no consequences for those who engage in corruption and there are no consequences for those guilty of murder.

This must stop.

3. The UDM’s message to mineworkers

It is the mineworkers of this country that must bring about change in how government manages the mineworking industry.

Each time there is a cabinet reshuffle the policies change as a new personality takes over the reins. The mining experts are frustrated, because they are being tossed around by politicians.

This too must stop.

It is time for the owners and the mineworkers to get their acts together and speak the same language on this score.

4. Land and the purpose of the parliamentary committee’s hearings

Whilst I have the opportunity, I want to remind you that the parliamentary hearings that took place all over the country, were to determine whether the constitution should in fact be amended or not. This is phase one.

The second phase is where the “how” part should be discussed, whether the parliamentary committee recommends that the constitution should be amended or not.

The current land-owners such as government, big business, the Anglo’s of this world and the traditional leaders and churches should meet under one roof, together with political parties, to hammer out the “how” part of such a process.

People’s expectations have been raised and phase 2 must happen very soon, as there has already been threats of land grabs and even civil war.

5. When will things change?

What each of us must take to heart is that things will not change unless we take to task those who have disappointed us… those who have abandoned us.

We must stop moaning and do something about those who squander and pillage state resources. It is time for the South African voters to say: NO MORE. We will no longer be fooled by your empty election promises.

The ANC must be punished come the 2019 elections. Their support should be drastically cut back as a lesson to any party which thinks it can walk over South Africans.

That power lies in the voters’ hands alone; it lies in your hands alone.

6. Closing

As I close, I say to the families of those who lost their lives, as well as to those who survived that fateful day;

We will keep you in our prayers.

We hope that time heals some of your sorrows and that peace will replace some of your heartache.

Thank You