address by Ms CN Majeke, MP in the National Assembly

Hon Speaker and members

According to the 2014 Statistic South Africa Quarterly Labour Force Survey 4, the unemployment rate amongst men with tertiary qualification ranged from 1.9% to 11% whilst amongst women with the same qualification ranged from 2.5% to 16.1%.

Looking at Thembinkosi Phakathi, a 22 year old Public Relations graduate from the Durban University of Technology, standing at the corner of Rivonia Road and Sandton Drive, begging for nothing else but a job, so that amongst others, he can be able to pay back the NSFAS debt.

On the other side of the road, the Grayston Drive, stands a 25 year old qualified electrical engineer, Tankiso Motaung, joining in what can be called “Graduate’s Street Marketing”, for no less than eight hours with a placard begging for a job.

In the mist of all this painful sight, are daily media reports about many in both the public and private sector, in positions of employment, with either no qualification, or fraudulently claimed qualification.

The scourge of Fake Qualifications in the labour market may outnumber the number of qualified graduates looking for employment.

There is an urgent need for decisive intervention with drastic actions in defence of the poor unemployed young and old qualifying citizens, the economy of our country and indeed in order to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services to the people.

Amongst others, this needs to be declared a national crisis so that urgent practical and lasting solutions can be found with speed.

Lessons on these matters can be drawn from many other similar campaigns we had as a country, like the TRC, Gun Free Society as well as from countries which have dealt with similar situations.


Thank you.