Mr ML Filtane, MP in the National Assembly

Honourable Speaker
Honourable Members,

Noting that in the year 2000, there were approximately 126 000 taxi vehicles operating in South Africa that were ten years old and not fit for public transport.

Since the inception of the taxi recapitalisation programme in October 2006, a total of 59 029 old taxi vehicles had been scrapped with 7 060 of these from the Eastern Cape.

We further note that, this industry remains one of the greatest challenges of our public transport system that requires regular and close attention of government.

Noting that, amongst many challenges confronting the taxi industry, it has to compete against government subsidised buses and the unregulated hitch-hiking resulting to harassment of innocent travellers and sometimes death.

We therefore suggest that an in depth investigation be conducted into the status of the taxi industry including the factors that contributed to the non-conclusion of the recapitalisation programme.

We further suggest that such an investigation should include the possibility of the regulation of hitch-hiking as well as support of this industry.
I thank you.