We nine members of the Pilanesberg region of the National Party have decided to resign from the NP and join the New Movement Process of Mr Roelf Meyer.; We believe in co-operative government as defined in our Constitution; we want to support a party that belongs in the new South Africa, a non-racial party inspired by our country’s new sense of nationhood, a party which is solution-orientated and not problem-orientated and a party with an eye on the future and not the past.

The decision two months ago by NP leader Mr FW de Klerk, to disband the task team on restructuring the party, has finally made it clear to us that the NP did not, and never will, break from the past. We regard this as a clear message to find another avenue to pursue our political goals and beliefs.

The way in which the NP is dealing with those who decide to leave the party, as clearly demonstrated in Pretoria with the resignation of councilors from the NP and the branding of Roelf Meyer and others as ‘the enemy’, only reinforces the image of the NP as an aggressive and beleaguered party.

In resigning from the NP and joining the NMP, we also want to encourage others remaining hostage in old-style parties in a new-style country, to join us in our mission to help restructuring South African politics in order to focus on the real enemies of our country: joblessness, crime, inferior education and poor housing delivery.

We left the NP because we reject the past. We join the NMP because we believe in the future.

Stoffel Masebo
Gertrude Moatshe
Ben Moemedi
David Mothlapa
Aaron Kgaledi
Nkae Pilane
Thabo Mosebo (Leader of NP Youth League)
Bishop R Makete
Benjamin Matlou