Once more the shameless African National Congress (ANC) councillors of the Mbhashe Local Municipality have used their majority to pass a resolution to serve their own nefarious goals; this time to make it possible for them and municipal officials to exclusively buy land in Elliotdale, Extension 5. This is despite the opposition’s threat to take legal action.

Just last month these very same ANC councillors used their majority to resolve refunding themselves from the Covid-19 Solidarity Fund money; money that was definitely not intended for their use. This appears to be nothing more than legitimised thievery.

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) condemns this, what we believe to be, self-serving and corrupt acts. It is naked theft of municipal property and resources in total disregard of procurement processes, the Municipal Finance Management Act, and the code of conduct for councillors that prohibits self-serving/enriching acts.

It looks as if, when the next council is inaugurated, there will not even be a cent left in the coffers of this municipality, let alone land for future development.

The UDM in Mbhashe wishes to place it on record that:
1. It will not be part of any council resolution taken on this issue.
2. It refuses to be co-opted into committing the crime of deliberate theft of resources entrusted by the starving masses, in good faith, for safekeeping in the hands of duly elected councillors.
3. The resolution to loot our people’s land is nothing but a typical example of self-serving behaviour and is the worst form of corruption.
4. This resolution falls foul of the procurement regulations and the Municipal Systems Act, as well as the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act, and is prosecutable in the courts of law. Law-abiding councillors should desist from being part of this blatant disrespect of our people, which is nothing but a calculated exit strategy by those who know they did not make it onto the ANC’s candidates lists.
5. As for the officials who orchestrated this, disciplinary processes will surely be pursued. This entire situation is manifestly against the code of conduct for municipal staff members. You cannot incite mass looting of state resources and escape unpunished.

We have communicated these happenings to the UDM’s national leadership to seek advice on the matter and the party will accordingly inform the Eastern Cape MEC for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA) as well as the Auditor General of these corrupt practices.

The UDM will soon call upon the CoGTA MEC to intervene in this municipality, he cannot continue to turn a blind eye on these systemic acts of corruption and self-serving practices which are to the detriment of our communities.

Issued by Councillor Nkosinathi Ndlodaka
UDM Councillor in the Mbhashe Local Municipality