Statement in Parliament by Mr LB Gaehler, UDM Member of Parliament

Honourable Chair and Honourable Members

Land redistribution aims to correct the injustices of the past. The Natives Land Act of 1913, a piece of legislation which ratified and legalized the exclusion of South Africa’s black majority from land ownership in favour of the white minority. This has left behind a legacy of both dispossession and oppression.

Citizens however have voiced out their grievances, post 1994, with regard the lack of post-settlement support, creating a situation where some individuals have had to sell back land given to them by government.

The United Democratic Movement firmly believes that land should be restored to their rightful owners with support and skills development, so there is no uncertainty and tension. When this is done, we believe that the needs of South African farmers need to be prioritized by developing policies to subsidize farmers that will enable them to fairly compete against their international counterparts.

We believe in the creation of the necessary infrastructure that will create jobs and encourage the growth of more employment-creating agricultural-related enterprises to ensure that migration to urban areas is slowed down. Build infrastructure to support agricultural activity, such as irrigation schemes that have been proven to be successful in the past.

One stop Agricultural Service Centres should be established in rural areas, where emerging farmers can ask for advice, veterinary services, access the necessary tools and knowledge to run their farms as businesses and also have a market for their produce.

I thank you