Statement issued by UDM KSD Electoral Task Team

The UDM in the KSD is ready for the 2016 Local Government Elections. Guided by our national manifesto, which was adopted and launched in our 5th National Congress held in December 2015; we are finalising our localised KSD version of the manifesto.

In our local manifesto, we will focus on Good Governance. In this regard, the rule of law shall be a system on which proper local governance will be based and guard against the abuse of power and allow innovations and the economy to flourish.

Corruption as one of the main contributors to unemployment, poverty, inequality and poor services and has characterised the KSD municipality. This must be ended.

We shall focus on how to provide effective local governance, appropriate personnel employment, proper planning, proper utilisation of resources and performance management.

We shall also focus on making KSD on the key economic growth areas in the province, so that it becomes one of the fastest growing economies in the Eastern Cape and South Africa. In this regard, our manifesto will spell-out our plans to:

• Invest more on infrastructure development, improving and maintaining good main and access roads, ensure water and electricity infrastructure is improved and maintained.
• Create opportunities for quality jobs. We will develop and implement programmes with high labour absorption and retention levels with skills transfer.
• Preserve environment as a source of energy and better living condition.
• Work with communities to take advantage of land for quality crop and stock farming.
• Work together with Institutions of Traditional Leaders, in support of their historic and rightful role in local and rural development.
• Work with all Civil Society Organisation, including but not limited, Religious Communities and the Communities at large to ensure wide and meaningful participation of all on matters of their daily lives.

We shall work towards making KSD, once again a thriving municipality full of opportunities.

In the next few weeks, in consultation with communities in general, we will be finalising our Ward and PR candidates’ lists. All of this work shall be completed before the 5th of March 2016. This will enable us to mobilise all eligible voters, to go out and register on the first open registration weekend.

We will be in contact with voters on daily bases, visiting them in their homes and all other places where they are, to persuade them to vote for UDM and mandate it to govern together with them.

We call on all our members, supporters and the people of KSD Municipality to double their efforts in ensuring they take it to themselves, to bring better governance of their municipality. We are certain that if we take bold steps, we can save this municipality from collapsing.

Once again, we are not only ready to campaign but to govern this municipality with the people for the people.