statement by Media and Marketing Director

The sordid contract by the Central Energy Fund (CEF) with Emmanuel Shaw II will now, to the relief of taxpayers and proponents of clean, corruption-free government, hopefully be terminated.

The UDM urges the Minister of Mineral and Energy Affairs to immediately implement the recommendations of the departmental investigation. Terminating Mr Shaw’s contract immediately, investigating possibilities of recovering expenses related to the contract and terminating the CEF’s board’s term not later than March 31, seem to be the first steps needed to be taken in this regard.

Minister Penuell Maduna will do well to scrutinise his department to rid it of all irregularities like these. He will also benefit from not listening to bad advice. His accusations against the Auditor-General is very much still in the public eye, an event which has since not been brought to finality. In the spirit of transparency and good governance, this matter still needs to be settled publicly.

The UDM awaits developments in this department and ministry.