Statement by Bantu Holomisa UDM President

There are few things more distressing in this world than witnessing a hero’s fall into disgrace, particularly when that fall is brought about by the hero himself. Many South African’s are suffering from a harsh sense of disillusionment today. After all, Allan Boesak was a world-renowned clergyman and a champion of human rights who showed tremendous courage in our struggle against apartheid. When a man who fought such a dignified and noble fight succumbs so easily and unabashedly to greed, mendacity and hypocrisy, those who had respected him are left feeling cheated, foolish, and, perhaps, a little cynical.

The UDM only hopes that this shameful incident will serve as a wake-up call to South Africa. It is no secret that thousands of rands mysteriously disappear every year from the people’s coffers, and yet it is very rare that someone is actually held responsible for this money. It is time that we demand accountability and transparency from our leaders. We have come too far and suffered too much to allow ourselves to be exploited now. There is no longer any room for corruption in South Africa.

The UDM applauds the Cape High Court for acting on its conviction in such a controversial and high profile case. Government must know that corruption will no longer be tolerated, and the ANC, in particular, must rid itself of crooked politicians and officials at the national and provincial level. Until this happens, the slogan, “A Better Future For All”, will continue to be quite a good joke.”