The high number of fatalities on our roads over the past few weeks is disturbing. What is of greater concern is that these accidents happened during Transport Month, which amongst others, was looking at curbing road fatalities.

Year on year far too many travellers do not reach their destinations and as people gear up for the festive season we hope that this year’s statistics will show a decline in accidents and fatalities.

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) calls on all road users to take greater care and responsibility whilst using our highways and byways. Also, it is high time that taxi drivers take responsibility for the lives they carry.

Drunk driving and jaywalking must stop. All vehicles must be roadworthy especially those that carry passengers; not only are passengers at risk but also those who are driving around one.

The UDM calls on traffic departments to be more visible as we get closer to the period where road usage peaks. All stakeholders, drivers included, must do more to ensure that this year we reach a zero-rate for road accidents.

Issued by:
Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General