Statement by Roelf Meyer UDM Deputy-President

The Human Science Research Council, a respected South African research firm, announced a poll showing that if the elections for Parliament were held today, 9% of South Africans would cast their ballot for the United Democratic Movement.

UDM President, Bantu Holomisa said, “That’s marvelous.” Roelf Meyer, UDM Deputy-President, echoed those sentiments, “9%, wonderful.”

Holomisa and Meyer said, “We are very pleased with these results. It has been only 15 months since we founded the party, and to already have this type of support is very gratifying. We are not satisfied yet, but we are certainly headed in the right direction.”

Holomisa and Meyer continued, “There are two big reasons the UDM is experiencing such dramatic growth as we approach the elections. First, it is because of the quality of the people we have in our party. At the national, provincial and local levels the UDM has attracted a group of loyal and dedicated workers. The result of this poll is a reflection of the tireless hard work our organizers have done on the ground. Our thanks go out to all those workers across the country. They are the backbone of our party. Keep up the good work.

“The second reason for our success is our message. We offer South African voters a clear alternative to the failed policies of the ANC whether it is on crime, unemployment, education or healthcare. The voters are beginning to realize there is only one political party that will offer a constructive and credible opposition to the ANC. Only one party’s opposition is not rooted in the past or aimed at a narrow segment of South African society. The voters realize there is only one opposition party that represents South Africans from across the racial and socio-economic spectrums. That party is, of course, the UDM.”

Holomisa and Meyer concluded by saying, “This is a nice shot in the arm. We obviously have the momentum, but much hard work remains to be done. We need to prepare for the only poll that counts, the one at the end of May when South African voters cast their ballots.”