His Excellency, Mr JG Zuma, President of the Republic South Africa
The Minister of Social Development
Chairperson of the South African Human Rights Commission
Chairperson of the National Council of Churches

This  matter has reference.

I recently visited many of the surrounding mining townships and villages in the North West and Limpopo – amongst others, Marikana, Impala No 9, Ntabeni and Smasha Block.

The women and children of these communities are worse affected and are quite literally starving. Families explained that in the past their children were given food on a daily basis at their schools and that this is no longer the norm. Because family members have gone on strike, children go to school hungry, return home hungry and mothers and fathers are unable to buy food.

I suggest that delegates from the Presidency, the Ministry of Social Development, the Human Rights Commission and the National Council of Churches go to see for themselves the dire situation these communities are in.

We call on you to help these women and children on humanitarian grounds. Should you need any additional information please contact my office

Bantu Holomisa, MP
President of the United Democratic Movement