The United Democratic Movement (UDM) pays tribute to a friend and comrade, the late Chris Hani, on the 21st anniversary of his assassination.

The unwarranted murder of Chris Hani robbed South Africa one of its most charismatic and principled sons thus drastically changing the course this country would have taken. Hani’s unshakable belief in the eradication of poverty, prosperous and corruption free South Africa, amongst many other noble ideas, would have undoubtedly steered this country firmly towards the original values as enshrined in the constitution.

We must never forget, as we look back towards the tragic moments of his brutal killing, that his untimely death united our people who became more resolute that our freedom could no longer be delayed.

However, 20 years later corruption is now pulling the rug right under our feet.

The promise of that freedom and the dream of 1994 of re-construction and development, and better life for all, has become illusive for the majority. We in the UDM believes that South Africa today requires a leader, like Hani, who has a passion for the poor, justice, equality – and therefore the love of a nation.

South Africa yearns for a true and steadfast leader whose belief in integrity, the unity and prosperity of our people will touch millions in this country. In commemorating Hani’s life we remember him with fondness believing that he had planted enough seeds for South Africa to be able produce another outstanding leader like him during these troubled times.