Statement issued by Thandi Nontenja – UDEMWO Secretary General

In the wake of new born babies being abandoned and deserted throughout the country, the United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) is calling for harsh actions against those responsible for these inhumane acts.

The abandonment of babies has become a norm and it is not acceptable at all. This is a problem that has gotten out hand. A lot must be done by government with society to deal with this problem. Campaigns must be in place in educating young women and make sure that this does not continue as it does now.

A number of new born babies were reported to be found abandoned in different places in the country this week even though women have options of taking their babies into places of safety.

This shows clearly that there is a serious problem with our society. It is high time that we as communities stop looking the other side while the moral fibre of our societies is being dehumanized.
Communities need to speak out on such incidents happening in their neighbourhoods. It is high time we go back to the spirit of Ubuntu.

There is absolutely no justification into why someone would dump or kill a child in this day of access to clinics and other non-governmental institutions that offer help.

UDEMWO calls for punitive measures to those who abandon or kill babies. They have a right to life too.