statement by NMP Media Manager

Over the past weeks, there has been a spate of elected officials of political parties voicing their support for the New Movement Process.

For this we are extremely grateful and excited, because it is a sure indication that the political process we have embarked upon, speaks to the hearts and minds of fellow South Africans from all communities and political persuasions.

We want, however, to emphasize that we have no membership drive in place yet. There is no strategy in place to enroll members. The sole focus of our attention is now to launch a successful political party on 27 September 1997.

Political parties complaining that the NMP, or Mr Roelf Meyer, is luring away their support or poaching their members, are simply missing the point. Consultative meetings by the NMP are held country wide, with considerable interest from all over. If people decide to voice their support for the NMP or even resign from their existing political affiliations in order to join us, it is simply because they have lost confidence in those parties to provide a political beacon and a home they can believe in.

The NMP believes in the political vision it is developing. If people support this, we have no inclination of preventing them from doing so. We welcome all South Africans with South Africa’s interest at heart, to walk the road with us. The choice, in the last instance, is still theirs, not ours.