Ms Thandi Nontenja
UDEMWO Secretary General

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) is stunned that many social grant beneficiaries still have difficulties in accessing their grants on time due to a number of cash points that have been closed since the Post Office took over from Cash Paymaster Services. This is totally unacceptable.

UDEMWO has asked before whether the South African Social Service (Sassa) has the capability and capacity to deliver on its promise of smooth running and uninterrupted system. Beneficiaries, especially those in rural areas, continue to find it difficult to reach far pay points since the usual ones have been closed.

The ATM system is not user-friendly or safe for the elderly. There must be another safer way that will work.

What is happening at Sassa paints a clear picture of the incompetence of all those involved in the continuing debacle. Innocent people are suffering because the ruling party continues to elect selfish and self-serving individuals to positions of power.

We call upon Social Development Minister Susan Shabangu to do the right thing and come forth and explain to the nation of her lasting plans to make sure that the problems that are clouding Sassa are solved.

Issued by:
Thandi Nontenja
UDEMWO Secretary General