Follow up questions to the Governance Cluster – Question 107 – Hon Filtane – Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

Minster, the Auditor General’s Report (2012-13) for municipalities shows an increase on the Fruitless and Wasteful Expenditure of 31% of which 41% is attributed to EC Municipalities including the KSD Municipality wherein more than R7 m has been reported to have been spent irregularly, unauthorised and fruitlessly. What is the department’s plan to deal with what AG has identified as lack of internal controls and its root causes? Are there new time lines if any to ensure clean audits across all municipalities given that the “clean audit” targets for 2014 have not been met?

Question 102 – Hon Majeke – Public Service and Administration

Minister, is government considering or prepared to consider an investigation into occupationally specific dispensation pay for teachers, as one of the interventions towards improving quality of our education and keep the profession attractive?