The crime crisis is broader than only the improvement of policing. We have to keep in mind other stakeholders such as intelligence, the courts and correctional services.

The UDM has long proposed the creation of a Crime Prevention Ministry as the present criminal justice cluster struggles to implement coordinated strategies that are driven from the highest levels.

However, our first line of defence against crime is SAPS and they have broken their trust relationship with the public. They have much work to do, to again earn the confidence and respect of South Africans.

The UDM believes that the following strategies will help counteract crime:

  • Eradication of corruption in the criminal justice cluster must be a priority.
  • Development of a doctrine to ensure that our police functions according to a set of rules that is in line with the values enshrined in our constitution.
  • Establish or reinforce community programmes to encourage communities to participate in neighbourhood watches and intelligence gathering.
  • Promote the best and the brightest through the police ranks thus ensuring that those who command understand policing.

Introduce special units to ensure rural safety, through the deployment of reserve forces and other government security agencies, to provide safety in far flung areas and also enhance border control.