Yes; a UDM government will introduce free public education until Grade 12.

There is enough money to provide free education, the problem lies with the poor management and maladministration of the budget. Despite ploughing approximately 6% of GDP into our basic education system the quality of education remains poor.

However, sending our children to school for free, is not the only factor to consider. We can swop the concept around: The South African basic public education system has to: “Go back to the basics” i.e. teachers must teach; learners must learn.

Amongst others, the UDM will

  • Improve the quality of the educational infrastructure, such as the physical infrastructure. By this we mean:
    • Building and maintaining schools as well as the necessary specialised classrooms, such as science and computer laboratories.
    • Provision of water, electricity, sanitation, etc.
    • Provision teaching material and timeous delivery thereof and
    • Allocation of adequate human resources and proper compensation for educators.
  • Introduce appropriate career orientation to ensure that our children can determine their future careers timeously.
  • Ensure that crime, especially sexual harassment and abuse, at schools is met with zero-tolerance.
  • Foster a culture of learning, discipline, order, neatness and productivity – in part this will be achieved with the reintroduction of regular school inspections.