It should be remembered that when Parliament approved guarantees for staging 2010 World Cup, as per Fifa demands. These guarantees were intended among others to improve stadiums, road infrastructure in the host cities. At no stage did parliament or government implied that such an expenditure would be claimed back by the state through schemes such as etolling. What is coming out clearly here is that some comrades became greedy and saw an opportunity to use the already improved infrastructure to generate money for themselves.

This is another money laundering scheme similar to Chancellor House/Eskom/ Hitachi deal which led to ANC cashing more than R50 million last year from bogus shares.

As United Democratic Movement, we are disappointed everyday by the so called ANC government. South Africans voted for freedom not to buy freedom as we see today.

This must be legally challenged as it is not acceptable at all. This is a wake up call not only for the Gauteng citizens but South Africans to keep eyes open when they are in front of a ballot paper next time.

Statement by UDM President Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP