The United Democratic Movement (UDM) in Sea Vista branch say enough is enough of service delivery excuses by the local government of the Democratic Alliance (DA).

For over 21 years the people of sea vista have been yearning for proper housing which is the full right of a south African voter according to section 26(2) of the constitution of south Africa which says, “everyone has the right to have access to adequate housing”.

It is very sad to see the successors of the African National Congress (ANC) also failing to give the people of Sea Vista what belongs to them from the time of the ANC in Kouga Local Municipality until the time of the DA they have been giving our people one silly excuse that the land that the people of Zwelitsha is occupying belongs to the department of public works they cannot build houses because of that.

We all know that the department of public work is headed by the ANC what is difficult in giving the land to the people who are voters the answer is simple there is a political squabble, as the African proverb is saying “when elephants fight it is the grass that suffers” the people of sea vista stay in a very bad condition none of the two political parties care about that, instead they are enjoying their big offices with aircon.

As the UDM, we are calling upon the Minister of Public Works and the Mayor of Kouga Local Municipality to stop this abuse of our peoples rights we have heard enough of the excuses we demand action from your office, we are demanding that the voters be given what belongs to them housing is their basic human right.

Issued by:
Mr Babalo Bunu