statement by UDM President

Attached herewith is an agreement between the Republic of South Africa and the Kingdom of Lesotho concerning the status of armed forces in the Kingdom of Lesotho. What is striking about the document is that the paragraph on Command and Control is completely silent on the military role of SADC. The ANC government lied to the public when they said that our troops (SANDF) in Lesotho were under the command of the SADC forces.

Contrary to what the South African public was told by the ANC government no provision was made for any SADC forces involvement. The agreement states further that “members of the sending Party (RSA) shall have all the rights and powers bestowed, and the responsibilities charged upon them by South African law and that they shall exercise their rights, powers and responsibilities under the same conditions as required by South African law.

With this information at hand can the ANC government still deny that they had invaded Lesotho or annexed Lesotho as their 10th Province?