Honourable Speaker and Members

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) extends its heartfelt condolence to the family, the ANC and friends of the late member of the National Assembly Ms Ruth Mompati.

A heroin with a good sense of humour and respect of mankind, a towering icon who was exemplary to our nation has fallen.

Mme Mompati was blessed with resilience beyond measure. She was obedient to her calling and dared even her oppressors to embrace love. Her majestic ways were indicative of more than a just mere person – she was indeed an extraordinary human being. Her model is one for the ages and we thank her sacrifice.

We are blessed for having a rare opportunity of sharing her in our life time. She was a good servant of the people, a great leader and a mother par excellence.

When we pause and literally turn back into our past history at this momentous juncture of South Africa history, one is just amazed how MAMA has waved a humanness magic till the last day.

Now that she is perusing an afterlife I believe all of us here, owe ourselves a fraction of wisdom to live and lead our lives like the life of selflessness and dedication to goodness of human spirit, Mme Mompati has dedicated her whole life to.

We must dedicate the remainder of our lives to learn and live by principles MAMA dedicated her whole life and persona to, even if it could be a fraction of it.

Indeed, we are much poorer without MAMA Mompati, she was a moral campus, our star of hope, humility and compassion and a greatest giant of them all.

Mama epitomised humility in her actions, togetherness in her ways and joy in her nature. She has touched and influenced lives of many to be selfless, to be humble, to appreciate all we have and to be dignified when faced with tough decisions.

We are eternally indebted to her for her monumental contribution to the freedom and democracy we now enjoy. She has now gone to join other stalwarts, ours is to hold tight to the teachings and memories of her selfless concern for the welfare of others. We cherish her hard work and leadership.

Robala ka kgotso Mme Mompati, ore lwetse wa fenya – we are what we are today because of the contributions you have made to bring freedom to our lives and our children. May your soul rest in eternal peace.

To her family, the African National Congress and its Alliance and friends, we hope, with time, you shall be able to close the chapter and allow her to rest in peace as the heavens have already integrated her as part of the family.

Thank you