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Leaders/Depts of KZN Provincial Government are extravagant

The United Democratic Movement is perturbed by the news that the MEC for Education in the Province is using a hired motor vehicle for his official business that is costing taxpayers a whooping R100 000 per month. This is unbelievable if one considers that the ANC claims to be the government of the people and which represent the poorest of the poor. This is an illustration that the ANC led government does not practice what [...]

Road map: towards the South African National Convention: A UDM perspective

This document is a suggestion of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) to find a way towards the hosting of a National Convention, as agreed upon in the Co-governance Agreement for Local Government between the several political partners. INTRODUCTION The participating political parties have agreed on four main challenges confronting South Africa i.e. poverty, unemployment, inequality and corruption, which requires that the nation unites around a strategic and fundamental interventionist programme of action. Our constitutional democracy [...]

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Holomisa: “Cut a deal! Go Home” President Zuma

Instead of a nation preoccupied with the scandals surrounding President Zuma, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) advises that we should rather deliberate his exit strategy. Since the advent of democracy, we have never been faced with a crisis of this magnitude i.e. allegations of corruption at the highest level. The African National Congress (ANC) has completely misinterpreted their mandate. They are clearly using their majority to do their utmost to protect President Zuma at all [...]

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