Address by Mr BH Holomisa, MP (UDM President) on Budget Vote : State Security on 23 July 2014 in the National Assembly

Honourable Minister and Deputy Minister
Honourable Members


The United Democratic Movement supports budget vote 10.

As members of the Joint Standing Committee on State Security, we should appreciate the seriousness of the task placed on our shoulders on behalf of the citizens of our country. We must always strive to place safety of South Africa and its people first. In doing this we need to provide correct and accurate advice to the state and adopt a non-partisan approach in the execution of this noble task without compromising the principle of oversight role.

We are tasked to carry out this oversight sensitive work at a time when the world seems to be gravitating towards untenable crisis. One is reminded of the economic meltdown, terrorism, drug tracking, human trafficking, barbarism towards humanity and many others.

The great challenge, to which we must all commit, is the safety of all inhabitants of our land, South Africa, at all times. In order to achieve this, the state security machinery must, all the time, work closely with the communities it serves.

South African leadership must deal decisively with the growing culture of anger which sometimes destroys the very gains of our democracy including state properties. Failure to immediately put an end to this will increase our economic misfortunes as potential investor would consider elsewhere for investment.

However, we would have failed, if we were not to attend to the causal factors behind this anger; issues like corruption, skewed distribution of resources, increasing arrogance of power.

The rich resources of South Africa are attractive to the international community, yet this is not for the beneficiation of the primary owners and it compromises the security of the country. Why would a person travel thousands of miles from a foreign country into our country to poach our rhino in a protected park?

The only logical explanation is the rooted corruption within our systems, lack of patriotism and culture of ownership.

The Joint Standing Committee on State Security should at all times strive to provide genuine advice to those in the driving seat of the policies of the country.

Finally, the UDM of the opinion that the conclusion of the South African debate on national interest can no longer be delayed as such will firm our policy formulation and position especially on foreign relations and internal security.

Thank you