statement by UDM President

The horrific bomb explosion at the Cape Town Waterfront is condemned in the strongest possible terms by the UDM. The UDM would like to express its condolences and deepest sympathy to the victims and families of victims of the explosion. The political chess game that we have witnessed between the ANC and the NP after the explosion can not be tolerated and is an insult to those affected by the bombing.

Urban terrorism in the Western Cape is a reality and very little seems to be done in this regard. The National Party as government in the Western Cape, together with the ANC National Government needs to put aside their political agendas and cheap point scoring and concentrate on the problem at hand. More than 400 similar incidents have taken place in the same region with no arrests or prosecutions following. The National Party can not shed its responsibility as Provincial Government and they need to find a solution and not merely attempt to distribute and attribute blame.