The United Democratic Movement (UDM) congratulates the public protector for her sterling work in defence of the constitution – its institutions and the rule of law – against those who are devoted to promote corruption and who blatantly refuse to account to the people.

The ruling party’s recent attacks on the office of the public protector and her person are nothing but a desperate attempt to dodge accountability.

President Zuma must man-up, stop avoiding questions and uphold his oath of office.

It is clear, from the ruling party and its travellers’ statements that they wish to use the parliamentary ad hoc committee on Nkandla as another escape route to sidestep the requirement that the president is accountable to ordinary citizens.

In the same vein and it appears that a dictatorship is developing in our country where the entire people of South Africa will have to defend their hard won democracy and reject abuse in the name of the majority.

The UDM advises Advocate Madonsela to consider court action to defend her office against the unwarranted and arrogant attempts to defend the president.