statement by National Deputy-Secretary

The UDM congratulates Bulelani Ngcuka with his appointment as national director of prosecutions. While The UDM believes that he does have the personal qualities for the position the UDM is however alarmed about the independence of the judicial system by what is yet another political appointment. An independent judicial system is a prerequisite for the embodiment of the South African constitution. The obligation of ensuring an independent office rests with Mr. Ngcuka. Watchdog organisations and political parties will have to strongly monitor the independence of the office of the national director of prosecutions.

The UDM is alarmed about a marked trend in Mbeki’s appointments of essential positions and of centralising certain vital functions in his office. Mbeki’s management style through these appointments start to portray the image of a power hunger, wants to control everything, person. The growing trend to appoint politicians in key positions in society is setting the alarm bells off. It can not be healthy for democracy if so much power is vested in the office of one person and if essential positions in the country is filled by politicians.