If it was not for the serious implications of the ruling party deployment agency; one might be tempted to laugh at the situation around the reinstatement of Mr Brian Molefe as the Eskom Chief Executive (CE). Exasperated opinions by, or on, Mr Molefe, Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Browne, the ruling party and the Eskom Board falls from the sky like hail stones on a tin roof.

According to the ruling party, Mr Molefe’s reinstatement “…is reckless and feeds into the perception that the government is lacklustre in dealing with corruption…”. What a loaded phrase and how ironic from whence it came given the South Africa post-cabinet reshuffle.

The ruling party, in an official statement, said that it “… will seek an engagement with Comrade Lynne Browne, the Minister of Public Enterprises, under whose authority Eskom…”. Read between the lines that the Minister is no longer accountable to Cabinet and Parliament, but directly to the Comrades in Luthuli House. President Zuma’s foible of blurring the lines between State and Party is seemingly contagious.

We also hope that it is not lost on South Africans that today the ruling party has big issues with Brian Molefe as Eskom CE, but it’s fine for him to represent it (and the people) as a Member of Parliament. Funny logic this, or is there something we are not being told?

President Zuma’s midnight shuffle was the tip of the iceberg of ruling party infighting spilling over onto an unsuspecting populace. Corruption, and inefficiency has become the hallmarks of the Zuma administration. These are the facts; like it or not.

Those voters who have not yet done so, it is time to open your eyes and see what is straight in front of you; Captain Zuma will doggedly salute the status quo and remain at the helm of the sinking ship of South Africa, whilst listening to the dying band as it is submersed with the rest of us.

Statement issued by:
Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP
UDM President