statement by UDM President

The ANC’s panic regarding the election of Sifiso Nkabinde is noted. The UDM will not allow the ANC to choose leaders for itself, nor are they the UDM’s agents to gauge support for the us in KwaZulu Natal.

One thing is clear: the ANC is still being haunted by the acquittal of Nkabinde. Nkabinde was subjected to scrutiny by the state and the judiciary of this country. He fared far better than his former bosses in the ANC who rushed to the TRC to apply for blanket amnesty. They never revealed how they executed their black brothers and sisters in exile.

Senior ANC officials like Thabo Mbeki, Zuma, Modise, Mac Maharaj and others who are now comfortable in high offices, are still yet to inform the public of South Africa how the ANC in exile arrived at decisions to execute their own brothers and sisters. We have heard about ANC accusations against Nkabinde but what about ANC warlords in cabinet. There will be no question of fairness until a principle of even handedness is equally applied.

The UDM accepts the judgement by Justice Jan Combrink as the last word on this matter. The Kangaroo court methods, which were used in executing fellow blacks in exile, have no home under the new constitution. The ANC will have to swallow its pride and if it is serious about peace in KwaZulu Natal work together with Sifiso Nkabinde in achieving exactly that.