Hon Speaker and members

A country with high levels of poverty, high unemployment rate, high levels of inequality, blended with leadership whose attention is on filling their pockets through corrupt activities, breeds all social evils including criminality.

Compounding the situation is that the African Agenda we were once known to be its champions, has taken a back seat. We must agree that, indeed the violence we see today in KZN with a potential to spread to other provinces can be best described as recklessness, inhumane, barbaric and criminal. This debate must immensely contribute to the stoppage of this inhumanity in the history of our democracy. We must also acknowledge that the levels of lawlessness in this country are increasing daily, this has to come to a stop, if we are to redeem our image and attract investors as a country.

To respond and address this situation a number of things needs to be done immediately; amongst are the following:

• An immediate Presidential visit to the Kingdom of the Zulu nation has to done immediately after this house concludes this debate to share with the King the spirit of the house on this important matter. (Nxamalala ndikulungele ukuhamba nawe siyo Phunga ne Silo Samabandla)

• We must contain the current situation in KZN by amongst others enforce the law to the fullest. Such a step must communicate to all, that South Africa is not a lawless society.

• The state of our intelligence services requires urgent attention because these activities should have been detected before their occurrence.

• Special police units as well as special courts to deal with incidents of sporadic lawlessness must be established nationally.

• A comprehensive audit must be conducted on foreigners already in our country, what are they doing where, how and with whom are they engage in those activities. This will help to expose those who are in the country for wrong reasons like corrupt activities including drug and human trafficking.

• The poor and slack labour relations regime with regard to foreigners within our labour market needs and urgent review. Included to this is to ensure that those who trade, do so in accordance with the applicable laws of the country.

• Aggressively reduce unemployment by amongst others, create more entrepreneurs on soft skills to run small business in the township, salons, small shops, car washes and others. Target young people in particular, train them in these areas and providing seed funding and support to run sustainable business.

• Build a sense of responsibility and collectivism amongst the people, motivate them to move away from hand out syndrome into action for their livelihood.

• Implement a civic education programme on Africanism targeting young people in-particular to change attitudes towards other Africans and citizens of the world.

• We must revisit our policies on people entering and leaving South Africa to ensure full control of our borders.
In the words of Kwame Krumah, “Africa must Unite”.

I thank you