Mr Bongani Msomi

Mr Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General

The National and Provincial Elections (NPE) 2024 are just around the corner.

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the United Democratic Movement (UDM) met on Monday, 23 January 2023. It had discussed, amongst others, the fact that a prolonged state of one-party majority has led South Africa down the slippery slope of a failed democracy.

The NEC placed a dipstick in our preparations for the NPE 2024 and in line with our planning, the UDM is calling on all its members (of all demographics) and all South Africans who want to effect change, especially women, young people and graduates, to raise their hands and join it in making a difference by becoming potential candidates for the party for the national parliament and provincial legislatures. It is our intention to, in July of this year, organise political bootcamp workshops for aspirant candidates who wish to work hard on the campaign trail.

For 26 years since its inception, the UDM has been consistent in striving to address past imbalances and current injustices in our society such as institutionalised corruption, maladministration, malfeasance, and poor governance. You are welcome to visit our website to scrutinise our policies and past manifestoes on our stance on government must do more.

The party has collaborated with several stakeholders on a quest to achieve quality of life, dignity, and individual freedom for every citizen, based on integrity and ethical leadership. The UDM was instrumental in agitating for the abolishing of the immoral floor-crossing legislation, which is no longer on our statute books.

We succeeded in having the Independent Electoral Commission’s former Chief Electoral Officer resign because of an irregular lease agreement she organised. We were part of the legal action taken to preserve and protect the former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s report on state capture.

The UDM exposed corruption at the Public Investment Corporation amounting to billions of rands. This directly led to the establishment of the Mpati Commission of Inquiry, which has vindicated us. Regarding our unceasing constituency work, we have been advocating for teachers, military service men and women (reference SANDF Service Commission), correctional services employees and on the SETAs, as well as a bevy of individuals. Some of these correspondences are on the UDM’s website.

_The organisation has been striving to restore and preserve the dignity of the marginalised South Africans, fighting firmly against corruption and exploitation of our people, especially the poor who cannot weather the effects of the ruling party’s dishonesty and government’s negligence. The money the government has squandered was supposed to have been spent to improve the lives of all South Africans in terms of infrastructure development, health, schools, etc. Currently the UDM is applicant Number One to force government and Eskom to provide electricity to the nation.
If you are interested in shaking up politics in South Africa and you aspire to a career in politics, together we will start the conversation. This is a call to all people who are interested to be the voice of the voiceless and bring back dignity to our communities.

We have witnessed our country’s status deteriorating in an extremely shocking manner. As the UDM, we cannot allow that to happen under our watch. The UDM has a history of consultation with the people of this country, the Nation Consultative Forum (NCF) is just one example.

The UDM has been on point with its messaging i.e. Prosperity and dignity for all (2019); Put Community First (2016); Corruption destroys the gains of our freedom (2014); Now’s the time for ALL South Africans (2009); Unemployment and poverty undermines the people’s freedom (2004) and South Africa is on the slippery slope since 1994. For more information, please visit

Together, we can realise the dream of a better future for all. Let’s win SA back from the state capturers! There are no guarantees, no promises, only movement to a winning nation. The UDM believes it’s time our people are heard!

For anyone that is interested in becoming an aspirant candidate of the UDM, please send a short motivation of why you consider yourself to be candidate material, to the office of the UDM Secretary General, Mr Bongani Msomi, by email to

Issued by:
Mr Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General