The United Democratic Movement (UDM) condemns the disruption of public services due to internal strife amongst the African National Congress members in the Ingquza Hill Municipality. Most affected areas include ward 21 eMcobothini, ward 20 Hombe, and ward 16 Nkunzimbini.

It is reported that this problem started three weeks ago when community members affiliated to the ruling party were not pleased with the Ward Councillors that are deployed in the affected areas. This has led to the angry members to take to the streets, blocking the streets with big stones leading to pupils not going to school, burning tyres and in some schools teachers were forced out of classes by these members.

Today, many shops in town were forced by the protesting community members to close down. This only means that businesses and owners who have nothing to do with the turmoil within the ANC are also negatively affected.

We will not tolerate the abuse of innocent people by the ruling party and its members. Their in-fights must not affect the ordinary person in the street. As the UDM, we condemn this action that has led to many disruptions in Ingquza and calling upon the ANC leadership in that area to intervene and solve whatever problems they are faced with. People have a right to free movement.

Statement issued by:
Mr Bongani Msomi
UDM Secretary General