Ms Thandi Nontenja

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation is extremely distraught by the current breaking news of minors found dead at a popular East London establishment eNyobeni.

The sad news is incredibly heart-breaking and have left not only South Africans but the rest of the world asking themselves too many questions.

This is a massacre, how were minors allowed in a tavern to consume alcohol? What happened to alcohol not being sold to persons under the age of 18? Does Enyobeni liquor licence allow persons under 18th? What is the capacity of the establishment?

The owner of this killing ground was extremely negligent as it seemed he chose profit over lives; therefore, he must be charged, and his liquor licence must be withdrawn with immediate effect.

The parents of the late children must also be made to account, they should be taken in for questioning. How do you sleep at night knowing that your 13-year-old is not home yet?

UDEMWO saw a circulating video of a parent dragging her daughter out of a tavern, social media users were not so happy, with some claiming that what the mother has done will cause the child depression whereas the parent was only doing was she was supposed to do to protect her child.

South Africa is known not to be a safe place, especially for women and children, this incident is a testimony to that. Something needs to be done, relevant stakeholders, state authorities and community leaders need to look at these taverns and how operate. The Department of Education, School Governing bodies and parents are also required to discuss the implications of these so-called exam celebrations that are trendy within the millenniums.

UDEMWO calls for a closure of this hellish place before it claims many more lives and we would also like to know what the Police did when they reached the crime scene. Was the owner or the manager on duty arrested. If not, why?

Issued by:

Ms Thandi Nontenja

UDEMWO Secretary General