Ms Thandi Nontenja

The United Democratic Movement Women’s Organisation is as shocked as President Cyril Ramaphosa would be, at the total negligence at Parktown Boys High, where a young boy named Enoch Mpianzi lost his life during their trip at Ngathi River and Bush lodge.

We ask ourselves a question, why there was no roll call before the children stepped into the bus and at the site before resuming activities.

This type of negligence leaves much to be desires and it is totally unacceptable.

The UDEMWO calls all stakeholders to take their task serious, for example; the teachers should take full responsibility for the children.

This brings us to the question of indemnity!  Why parents must sign indemnity when children embark on school outings?  What is the role of the teachers during school outings? By signing the indemnity, parents are signing death warranties for their children as the teachers shack their responsibility and leave the children to their own peril.

UDEMWO calls for the signing of indemnity in schools to be reviewed as this puts the lives of the children at risk with no one taking responsibility.  Children are entrusted to the teachers and teachers should be held accountable.

The UDEMWO calls on all involved to be held accountable and legal actions to be taken to serve as an example to all others in the profession.

We are saddened by this incident, we send our warmest and deepest condolences to the Mpianzi’s family.

Issued by: Thandi Nontenja

UDMWO Secretary General