The United Democratic Movement Youth Vanguard (UDMYV) notes with concern the year-in-year-out students’ protests about acceptance at higher learning institutions, registration fees, transport allowances and accommodation.

We have seen quite disturbing scenes of frustrated students from, for example, the University of Zululand and the University of the Witwatersrand.

The UDMYV is of the view that a serious lack of leadership on government’s part gives rise to this yearly phenomenon. This dearth of leadership affects universities’ planning and has the knock-on-effect of an unproductive academic year.

It is unfortunate that the youth of South Africa have become lambs to the slaughter, because the government of the day has no clue whatsoever in dealing with the issues affecting us.

The country has just slipped into a recession and clearly government has to go back to the drawing board if one considers the budget recently tabled by Finance Minister Tito Mboweni. If government continues on this track, the UDMYV is worried that the future of every young South African is bleak; thus making the future of the country even bleaker.

The UDMYV calls on all young people to unite and remove this incompetent government in future elections.

South Africa needs capable leadership that looks to the future from the youth’s perspective.
– end –

Issued by:
Mr Yongama Zigebe
UDMYV Gauteng Secretary